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  • Salem, summer 2018ad 2:48pm, Earth
  •  Welcome to the scooter clubs' website.  I know, it is probably not as fancy as you would like it to be, but, eventually, we will add more and more stuff until e-cannot hold no more.  On this site you will find pictures and writings of the club in action. 

I just noticed that this site is #13 on the Classic 100 Top Sites chart !!  The Salem Scooter-Bike Club got started on new years 2000.  I have been into scootering most of my life, and this club is one way I express my interest in scootering.  We finally got to making a website thanks to the 'free' offer I recieved, and now, here you are.  I hope this is a nice experience for you and your friends, as i know it is for me and my friends.

We only have one honest rule here at SSBC and that is that: Every member must have a helmet!  Besides that we're simply in it to have as much fun as possible. 

 We hope we have enough material for you veiwers... don't forget the guest book is for guests, and as of now this is what we can attempt to offer you to gaze upon.  --Please do not be offended by the content herein the website, we're all adults, if you're younger than 21 your parents might object to various items.... and we do not wish to comment about details unless we gain not lose in a court of law.  IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YOU SHOULD HAVE PARENTAL APPROVAL BEFORE VIEWING THIS SITE, THANX!

Here are a few of the current events happening around our corner of the globe:

...actually having a website now....Pretty cool, huh?
Also, You might have noticed how every weekend there seems to be a rally happening someplace, please be carefull while going to and fro...  And remember, most of the rally events involve at least one night of overnighting.  I know, it sounds like a really cool 'scooter slumber party', but still be carefull, every holiday in the United States, the number # of driving accidents increase dramatically. ...and yer scoot will get trashed too, (think of all the good times we've had)!

   ....Salem is a pretty boring place.   I've even talked Doug into wanting a scooter...BEER RUNS!!

We need music and dancing!  Let us start our own band!  Let us let our hair down and dance!  DANCE DANCE DANCE

Marijuana/cannabis/hemp is legal in Oregon now !!  Fuck yeah !!!!!!!  Headache relief from mama Nature !!

Hi, we hope people enjoy this site, we do. ^^ WE WOULD LIKE TO INVITE POTENTIAL 'RALLY SPONSORS' TO LEAVE CONTACT INFORMATION IN THE GUEST BOOK AND E-MAIL >> (that 'play' button up there ^ doesn't reelly work... ha ha he he he)

Here is the part where I don't know what else to talk about (this 'phenominen' happens every once in a while in Salem).  I guess I can say this is where we try to stir up party material.  I do know it is time to 'get our drink on'!    

    1: pitch fer beer

    2: store run

    3: drink

    4: Bs about what a good drink that wazz...

Hey!! Don't feel like a complete _____ (stranger), we are most likely sitting around somewhere right now thumping our heads trying to think of things to do, so if you or a friend have any ideas let us know, I promiss, we will consider all comprehendable thought on the matter!

Hey!  Don't ferget to tell all yer scooter buddies about this cool site!  Buddies like friends.  ....and if yer a really cute girlie, feel free to send me yer 'scooter-chick-pics' and maybe I'll do a layout page on the site!  Allright!  Lets' get out ther and PARTY!!



Here is what we know as the topic of the day:

 George found FaceBook

   Mari-jo wanna.... is legal now in Oregon so "PLEASE TRY TO KEEP YOUR WITS ABOUT PLAYING"!!


  2 out of 5 aint bad........ 

                                                                        I am not one to advise about what to do to your scooter, but I believe it is allways fun to play with scooters!!  Do not ferget all necessary extra equipment that you might need!  FIRST AID KIT, WATER, TIRE PATCH, TIRE PUMP, AAA CARD, BUS/TAXI FARE, CELL PHONE, AND TRY TO NOTIFY PEOPLE ABOUT WHERE YOUR TRIP PLAN IS. 

Another cool thing to bring is a camera!  Especially if you are taking things apart!!



I'm guessing may e-mail here works. Is that okay?? Okay.

Future (hoped for) events/happenings:

June allready, and business as usual here.... nada.

Hey kidz, if `ya wanna check on some more cool scooter sites check this site out, it is vintage, but it is what we've been duing thees past 10 years, or so.... :

PACK A FIRST-AID KIT •• Remember to recharge your phones !!